Love, ex : Online Dating with a Laughter Sidekick and Ms. Sadaf Saeed

Welcome to the strange and beautiful world of online dating! It’s a virtual age where hearts meet with pixels and love is only a swipe away. But don’t worry! In this blog article, we’ll take a light-hearted look at the unexplored area of internet dating. We’ll look at ways for finding love while retaining our sanity alongside Ms. Sadaf Saeed, a prominent psychologist and the founder of Blooming Souls, a mental health organization in Delhi. So, pour yourself a virtual cup of coffee and prepare for a funny journey into the world of online dating.

1. Create an Insanely Honest Profile

It’s critical to stand out among a sea of profiles. Accept your eccentricities and let your personality flow through your profile. Ms. Sadaf Saeed promotes honesty, so why not inject some levity? Avoid clichés in flavor of an incredibly honest bio that will pique the interest and amusement of potential mates. After all, the best icebreaker is laughing!

2. The Crafting of Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Ah, The iconic pick-up lines—the lifeblood of internet dating. Why not embrace your inner comic instead of reiterating stale cliches? Add some goofy pick-up lines that will make your potential dates laugh, roll their eyes, or both. Remember that it’s all in good fun and a great approach to break the ice. Who can say? With a well-timed pun, you could just charm your way into someone’s heart!

3. Accept the Oddities of Online Conversations

Online discussions may be a goldmine of entertainment. With a good dose of humor, embrace the odd and unexpected situations. Every discussion is a chance for comedy, from autocorrect errors to mistaken emoticons. Just keep it light-hearted and courteous, because comedy should always bring people together rather than break them apart.

4. The Ghosting Chronicles are being revealed.

Ah, ghosting — which is the phantom threat of internet dating. While it may sting, let us face it with humour. Share your most spectacular ghosting experiences with your buddies, and transform heartbreak into a comedy act. Remember, it’s their loss, and one day you’ll be able to tell a great storey about that inexplicable disappearance.

5. The Art of Keeping Expectations and Reality in Check

Expectations and reality checks may be a rollercoaster ride when it comes to online dating. Accept the laughter that occurs when your date does not resemble their perfectly angled profile photo. Laughter is the best antidote to disappointed expectations. Accept the flaws, find the comedy in the blunders, and remember that behind the screen, everyone is simply trying to find love, flaws and all.

6. Laughter Therapy and Self-Care

It may be tough to navigate the highs and lows of online dating. Take frequent breaks for self-care and laughing therapy. Consider watching a comedy program, binge-watching a sitcom, or doing laughter yoga. Remember that laughing is not just the best medicine; it is also the key to keeping your spirits up during the rollercoaster ride that is online dating.

7. Seeking Assistance from Blooming Souls

If the internet dating world gets too much for you, don’t be afraid to seek help from specialists like Ms. Sadaf Saeed and the Blooming Souls team. Their expertise in psychology and mental health can assist you in navigating the hurdles with a smile.

Even the most entertaining comedians require a support network to keep them on their toes.


Congratulations! You’ve survived the ups and downs of online dating’s virtual rollercoaster. You’ve navigated the digital environment with elegance and grace by embracing humor, sincerity, and self-care. Remember that finding love is a journey that deserves to be enjoyed along the way. With Ms. Sadaf Saeed’s professional advice and the help of Blooming Souls, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the quirky world of online dating and, just maybe, meet that special someone who shares your sense of humor. Happy swiping, and may your online dating experiences be full of laughter, love, and unforgettable punchlines!

About the Author


Sadaf Saeed is a renowned life coach, public speaker, and counseling psychologist. Her work is based on the fundamental idea that therapy can support you in becoming more self-aware, which leads to a conscious change in your life and allows you to experience true happiness, enhanced creativity, and deeper intimacy.

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